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Curly, bespectacled, nearly 40 and all me

Hi there, I’m so pleased that you’ve joined me. If you love tea, cake and inspiring chit chat with your friends, then you can consider my little piece of the internet your spiritual home. It’s all about making the most of what we have and celebrating wherever we are in life – particularly if you happen to be within screaming distance of the big 40.

I’m Louise, Lou to everyone but my parents, and the wannabe fabulous midlifer behind this blog. I turned 39 in April 2017 and it kinda hit me. Hard.

Until about a week before my 39th birthday, I had never considered adding another mark to my year-tally as anything other than an opportunity to relax, eat cake and raise a glass of Prosecco to the year past and that yet to come. But, 39 is different.

I don’t fear 40, what would be the point in that? It is joyfully inevitable. But 39 is a bit of an eye opener. You see, to me, 39 feels like a year-long reminder that time marches ever onwards and that, without taking positive action, my ‘one day’  (you know the one that we all have) might never come.

This blog is my ‘one day’ and my hope is that it can inspire you to go out and grab yours too.

My aim is to create a virtual tea and cake with friends, warm welcoming, sometimes serious, the odd laugh out loud moment and lots and lots of inspiration. Life isn’t life to me if it doesn’t contain something creative at every given opportunity, so I will be creating lots of craft tutorials just for you too.

I want to become the best version of me that I possibly can be before I turn 40 and whether you are also marching towards that milestone, or not, I would love for you to come along for the ride.

And why ‘The Midlife Fabonista’? 

That’s simple, on my 39th birthday, I set the intention of leaving fat behind and becoming ‘Fab’ as I move into midlife and I’m living that intention at this very moment. I’m not just working on the shape and size of the Lou package tho, I’m taking this opportunity to work on the whole shebang. To really connect with who I am. I figure that after nearly 40 years of life on this planet, we should all gift ourselves the privilege of knowing and being who we were always meant to be.

This is a big year for me since, not only will I turn 40 in  April 2018,  but my youngest son (we’ll call him ‘Tiny”) will start school in September, my husband turns 40 in December this year and we celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary next June. It feels like there is going to be a whole heap of change!

Having taken time out from my career as a lawyer to spend time at home with my children (there’s Little Mr Tiny and his big brother we’ll call him ‘Toad’ – and now you’ve met us all) over the last two years I now find myself facing one very big question.

What now?

I’m 39, a mother of two fabulous little guys, a wife, a non-practising solicitor, an Oxford graduate, a craft business owner and a Registrar.

But, I’m about to have to spend whole lot less time mothering. So who will I be then? What am I going to do? I know precisely what I will be doing at 9am on 5 September 2017, ‘celebrating’ having two school boys to get to school on time each day by having an almighty sobbing session. There will be rivers (multiple).

But then what?

That’s the fab part, but what about the ‘onista’?  Well that’s a play on words – Most blogs catering for this particular time in life are fashion(ista) focussed, not this one!

Whilst I would like to be, I am just not qualified for that (I can imagine some of my friends wry smiles at the thought of me being a fashionista!) – future me might be, but the 39-year-old, work at home Mum of two has a very limited wardrobe mainly composed of E-Bay purchases and the odd pre-baby top that I can still somehow will my body to squeeze into.

So what can you expect?

Of course, that’s still a work in progress! But you can expect: news about my journey to being ‘Fab’ at 40, DIY tutorials, inspirational ideas, printables and, of course, no tea and cake with friends would be complete without a bit of story time.Blog Signature

p.s. check out my Etsy shop here: Tiny & Toad