The Little Book of Mindfulness Review

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Mindfulness Practice: The Little Book of Mindfulness

Today I am posting my first ever book review on the topic of mindfulness practice. It is also my first ever book review – a benchmark from which to grow.

Since having children, I’ve become a big non-fiction fan – when the time allows – and, lately, my library has begun growing in the direction of spirituality and, specifically, yoga, meditation and mindfulness (which are all variations on the theme of meditation, really.

Some books I have devoured whilst, others have been a more difficult journey. I tend to rely on Amazon reviews for books because, so far as I am aware, I don’t know anyone else in the real world (other than sort-of my husband) that incorporates these practices into their life. I am, you might say, currently a tribe of 1.


The Book Nook

The Book Nook Page

However, bring the world wide web into play and anything’s possible…isn’t it?

So, I am building a little Book Nook here on the blog. In my mind’s eye, it has a cosy leather chair, a little occasional table and shelves and shelves of well-thumbed books. I’d love for you to help me make it happen either by means of sending me your own reviews (e-mail me with your idea and I’d love to have a chat) or, when I work out how to do it, by joining my virtual book club. Even, better, if you have any idea how I would go about setting up a virtual book club, I’d love it if you would leave a comment or send me an e-mail. All advice appreciated.

My first choice of book to review is….

The Little Book of Mindfulnee
Read the review below

The Little Book of Mindfulness

Dr Patrizia Collard

Octopus Books 2014

Thoughts from The Book Nook

This cute little book arrived in the post last week and it spoke to me even before I opened the front cover. From the beautiful image of a dandelion clock blowing in the wind to the calming choice of colour and the gorgeous silky feel, the cover promises great things.

The author, Dr Patrizia Collard is a psychotherapist based in London and one of the leading authorities on the topic of mindfulness which had me expecting great things and, better still, it promises ‘Less Stress, More Peace’ in 10 minutes a day.

Even ‘tho it runs to only 96 A6 pages, there is room at the start of the book for an explanation of what mindfulness is together with its benefits.  This section definitely has a place in this book because it’s the kind of book that someone might pick up in passing with no previous knowledge of the subject matter.

Whether you are completely new to mindfulness practice, have discovered it as an extension to yoga and/or meditation practice or have been practising for a while, there is something in this little book for you.

The book is divided into 7 chapters each of which explores a different aspect of mindfulness. Within each chapter is a mix of mindful practices and inspirations. The chapters do not need to be read in order any more than the practices suggested within them.


What I really like about this book

  1. It is accessible – Collard’s clinical background lends a tone to her writing which takes meditation and mindfulness practice out of ‘new age/eastern spirituality’ genre and into the western mainstream. If you have wondered about mindfulness and/or yoga and meditation but find its links to spirituality off putting, this book is the answer. 
  2. It’s a great addition to an existing meditation and/or yoga practice.
  3. It’s perfect for fitting into a hectic schedule and dipping in and out of. Each chapter contains 5-6  suggestions of mindfulness practice or inspiration. The practices vary between 5 and 10 minutes with the time written at the top so that you can fit it in to whatever time you have.
  4. Collard includes a series of tips for the poses that she suggests.
  5. The practices are simple practices that can be done without the need to buy expensive specialist equipment. A yoga mat would add to some of the practices but you can manage to find without.

What I would have liked to have found in this book

There is just one thing that, for me, would add to this book, which is that I would have loved it to have a chapter on living mindfully day-to-day.

What does The Little Book of Mindfulness add to mindfulness practice?

I think that The Little Book of Mindfulness is a great introduction or addition to mindfulness practice. It is one that I will be dipping into time and again.


Book Recommendations


If you have an idea for a book that you would love me to read, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. I love hearing from my readers.

Disclaimer: Please note that neither this review nor The Little Book of Mindfulness are substitutes for clinical diagnosis and treatment of recognised medical conditions.

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