Mumpreneur On Fire 3 – Review

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Mumpreneur of Fire 3 book cover

Over the summer (that long, quiet period during which tumbleweed blew through my online activities) I was delighted to be asked to review the third installation in the Mumpreneur on Fire series. I don’t mind admitting that there’s a bit of a thrill in having your eyes on a book that only on pre-order for (most of ) the rest of the world.


Spoiler alert – this book was a bit of a surprise!


This is the first of the Mumpreneur on Fire books that I have had the pleasure of reading and I’ll definitely be delving back in for more.


I was hoping that I would find either teachings or inspiration between the unassuming covers of this book and I was not disappointed. It delivered both in spades.


It is a collection of 25 stories written by women that are connected through their membership of the Mums in Business Association – a community created by sisters Estelle and Leona in June 2017.


Each author has written in their own style and I’m told that the stories are purposely published in unedited form. Leaving the stories unedited could potentially be the book’s weakness (and it made me concerned that I might not be able to review it positively) but it is actually its strength. Keeping each of these women’s journeys in its raw form makes every story real. The women tangible.  You can actually feel the journey that they have been on and how difficult it was for some of them to share their stories.


If you’re wedded to reading perfectly written and edited text, you’re going to need to adjust your expectations. But, don’t write the book off because of it – it will surprise you. 


This is a raw insight into the life stories of 25 women from around the globe who started their own ‘Mumpreneur’ businesses, often against all the odds. Written in their own words, these incredible women have laid themselves bare in order to inspire other women to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams. It’s a book that says “If I can do it, so can you” and so very much more besides.


From the first chapter, I cried with these women during the lows and celebrated with them for their successes as if they were dear friends. 


Each of the 25 stories felt as if it was written to directly teach me something. The stories combine to show that, no matter where you come from or what tests life has thrown at you, if you can dream it and if you want it enough, then it’s yours for the taking. 


Whether you’re a Mum In Business, aspiring to be one or looking for your next inspirational read, this book is a page turner – I couldn’t put it down!


Mumpreneur on Fire 3 is now on pre-order at Amazon and is due for publication on 4 October 2018 on Kindle and 11th October in paperback.


p.s. If you’re a Mum In Business and looking to make connections with other women who’ll help, inspire and cheer you on, head on over to the Mums in Business Facebook Group. I’m not affiliated with Mums in Business but I love what the do and the community that they have created.

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