Supplies for making cookie cutter stars

24 days of Gratitude

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It’s day 1 of my Christmas series and we’re beginning with a day of Christmas gratitude that’s going to stay with us throughout December.

An Advent Calendar with a grateful twist

We’ve begun our Advent countdown in the traditional way for the children – by which, I mean chocolate! They each hang a numbered mini stocking or mitten on their interestingly decorated Christmas Tree in the kitchen before heading to bed and wait for it to be magically filled with chocolate overnight.

Back in November, I got to thinking that I would like to have an Advent Calendar of my very own. As much as my eyes pop out of their sockets over some of the grown-up Advent offerings available in the shops (gin, stationery, the list goes on…) they are beyond both my budget and my need. Amongst all of the excess of this time of year, we should take time to be grateful for the things that money can’t buy and that’s where the idea for my gratitude tree came from.

A Christmas Gratitude Tree

In addition to the boys’ chocolate filled advent, we’ve decided to add to the ritual with our advent tree, to which we will be adding a little golden star tagged with something for which we are grateful each morning.

Children decorating tree
My boys hanging our first gratitude star on our twig tree this morning


This is a really easy make that you can create for yourself with pretty much anything that you have to hand – paper or even an empty cereal box would do the job but here’s what I used:

You will need:

Felt-backed Glitter fabric

Hot glue gun

Grosgrain ribbon

Alphabet stamps & ink

Crochet yarn – with a glitter strand

Tapestry Needle

Star Cookie Cutter


Supplies for making cookie cutter stars
Cookie cutter template sparkly stars are easy to make

DIY it:

  1. Using your cookie cutter as a template, draw around it 24 times and cut out your sparkly stars. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, how about creating a hand-drawn template?
  2. Cut short lengths of grosgrain ribbon, snip a triangle out of one end to create the arrow shape and stick to your sparkly star using a glue gun
  3. Thread a short length of crochet thread on to a tapestry needle and push through one point of the star to create a hanger. Don’t forget to tie the ends together and trim if they need a little tidying.
  4. Add one word of gratitude to the grosgrain ribbon using your stamps daily and hang on your tree. If you don’t have alphabet stamps, try handing writing your word of gratitude or you could even type up a month’s worth and print it all out in one go. Do it your way!
  5. Hang on a pre-lit twig tree, your Christmas tree or wherever else you fancy.

Simple as that!

Remember, this little project is intended to give you a few moments of Christmas calm, so do it your way. If you fancy using a different shape or material, then go for it. If you miss a day, that’s ok too.


I hope that this project brings a touch of mindful making into your home this Christmas time – please share your own projects over on Facebook and Instagram.


Wishing you all a Mindful Little Christmas & I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 2.


Much Love


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