Top 5 tips for reducing Christmas Stress

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It’s Day 2 of my Christmas Series and it’s been a day of tradition.

I hope you’ve found time for a little bit of Day 1 Gratitude and/or Creativity

I’m big on tradition and I think that it’s possible to do it mindfully. So, here a few tips on how to give the frazzle the old heave-ho:


Mindful Merrymaking

  1. Remember that it’s the moments that count. So, bathe in the delight on your kids’ faces as they plonk every last decoration in their favourite spot on the tree, leaving the rest completely bare. Let them enjoy their moment – there’s plenty of time for ornament reorganisation once they are in bed if, like me, you can’t spend the next twenty odd days looking at a disorganised mess.
  2. Give yourself a break – the chances of getting through any other month/week/day in complete familial harmony are slim to none. So, when we pile on lashings of festive pressure it’s no wonder that tempers can start to fray (full disclosure – precisely this happened here today). If (when!) it happens, acknowledge it and simply let it go. Hanging on to the stress won’t add to anyone’s Christmas, least of all your own. Simply, acknowledge that you and your loved one are brilliantly flawed humans, and then let it go.
  3. Don’t strive for festive perfection. If your tree is a little wonky, the Turkey dry or your wrapping less Lifestyle Chic and more Last Minute Freak let that go too. Re-direct your attention to what really matters – being lucky enough to be sharing a special day with those that you love.
  4. Make something that can become part of your Christmas traditions. To me, crafting is mindfulness in motion. It’s when I am at my most focussed, when random thoughts are least likely to pop into mind and it has always been instinctive to me to make at Christmas. Whether it’s mince pies, table settings or DIY gifts, spending as little as ten minutes working with your hands on something festive is a great way treat yourself to a little bit of festive chill out time. Just remember top top 3!
  5. Remind yourself of one thing that makes you feel grateful, take a deep breath and keep moving forward.

Thank you for joining me for day 2 of my Mindful Merrymaking, here’s our story of the day, incorporating some of our traditions and brought to you by the magic of YouTube:



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