How to start a blog

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Get started and stay focused

Ok, here goes…I need to hold my hands up to something. I know how to start a blog. I’ve started a few.

I’ve flitted in and out of blogging for the last 7 years. The one thing I know above all about blogging is that it is much easier to start than to keep going. As with most things in life, the keeping going part requires a plan.

A blog needs a plan

It all started in June 2010 with a travel blog. We concocted a plan to set off on a round the world trip with our back packs and a ‘Netbook’ (remember them?) to blog a long the way. Back then, social media was still pretty new and blogging wasn’t as mainstream as it is now.

And YouTube? Well, Zoella was pretty much unknown and most of the other big names in vlogging were doing something completely different.

Or they were still at school.

Actually, let’s be honest, it’s entirely possible that Blogging and Vlogging were already big back then just not amongst us Xennials.

Are you a Xennial too?

If you’re my age or older and not in the know, that’s the new sociologists’ terminology for those of us lucky enough to have been born in the magic years – 1977-1983. In tech terms, a Xennial is someone old enough to remember dial up modems (and possibly have had a second phone line dedicated to that modem) and Ask Jeeves, but young enough to have had a personal e-mail address by the age of 18.

In 2010, two weary Xennials, reeling from an incredibly complicated miscarriage (molar pregnancy – of which I will share more at a later date) followed by chemo, began a round the world trip that would put our souls and our hearts back together again. That journey was also one in which we created 112 travel blogs – taking turns to write every other day about our life on the road.

Sunrise looking towards Many Beach, Sydney
One beautiful morning in Manly in January 2011

When it all came to an end in March 2011, I missed the blogging almost as much as I missed our lives as temporary nomads. Writing had become such a joy and, 6 years on, I wish that I had found a way to continue writing then.

It’s never too late ‘tho, is it?

We travelled through 12 countries during that incredible trip, blogging as we went and when it was time to move to the next country, we would write a ‘Round Up’ blog of the country that we were leaving.  The ‘Round Ups’ were the only posts that we co-wrote – dividing our reviews into ‘The Pink View’ and ‘The Blue View’ – and they were some of my favourites.

Go forth and collaborate

When we’re on the same page, my husband and I make a pretty good team. We’ve renovated houses (oh the DIY store induced arguments!), travelled the world and spent nearly 6 years raising children together and, we’re still talking. In fact, we’re beginning to emerge from behind the pre-school shades and sneak a peek at the prospect of working together on a project once again.

Our travelling haul included two cameras – my trusty point & shoot and my husband’s water proof video camera. He took quite a lot of video but few clips, if any, included footage of either of us and not one was shared with anyone. Film was a more natural medium for him than me and I’m sure that, if YouTube had been then what it is now (in, other words, were we not Xennials) we would have had a travel Vlog, I’m sure of it.

It’s never too late ‘tho, is it?

Anticipate the change

As our nearly 4 year old takes his final little steps towards school-boyhood, so we are evolving into new versions of ourselves. The interesting thing about this stage in life is that that evolution is mix of moving forwards in family life whilst at the same time towards versions of ourselves that we recognise from our pre-baby days.

My husband and I as travel bloggers
Young and free as birds in North Island, New Zealand 2011

Daily, I recognise more and more of the 2010 versions of us. Thankfully, minus the pain and angst. Family life is becoming more about getting out and about and really experiencing life and that’s making us all very happy. And, as for those refreshed versions of pre-baby us. Well, here I am working on my blog and loving it just as much as I did from Cambodia, Bali and New Zealand. Meanwhile, my husband, has achieved something that, as yet, I haven’t found the courage to properly start – he’s got his very own YouTube channel. Now we both have aliases.

Whilst I’m fashioning prose and growing as The Midlife Fabonista in my little piece of the internet here, he’s blossoming into Festival Dad over on YouTube. You’ll make his day if you head over and check his channel out.

A little bit of team work

Since we’re a team and we’re starting our journey at roughly the same time, we are planning to make this a quasi-joint project and to collaborate from time to time, when it feels right to do so. We’ll be leaving ‘The Pink View’ and ‘The Blue View’ in 2011 in favour of ‘his ‘Vlog and ‘her’ Blog.

Much more, 2017, don’t you think?





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    1. Thanks so much Marrianna. I have more in the pipeline and, come September and back to school for my boys, I plan to put a proper schedule in place x

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