40 things to do at 40

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Now that you’ve completed that ’40 before 40’ checklist, and with, hopefully, more than half of your life left to live. Turning 40 is the perfect time to reflect on what’s gone before, re-jig a few things and to set ourselves up for what is to come – with a brand new bucket list.

40 things at 40

Writing down goals and aspirations has the effect of making them more real and, therefore, much more likely to happen than daydreams. Multiple studies have shown that getting intentional hugely increases your chances of success. Writing down those intentions makes you focus on your core values, what’s important to you and the things that really matter to you.

Before I turned 40, I created a ’40 before 40′ bucket list which contains lots more great ideas if you still need a little inspiration. Creating that list was a great exercise in gratitude – as I created it having already ticked off every last thing on the list. Starting in a place of gratitude is a really useful tool for making your plans for the future.

Let’s make a bucket list plan!

Why not go grab a pen and your favourite notepad (pretty tools always make the job just that little bit more enjoyable, don’t you think?) and draw up your own list of things you want to achieve in the next year?

If you can, write your list before checking out mine so that it’s your list and authentic to YOU.

Then check out what’s on my ’40 at 40′ Bucket List for some extra inspiration.

The list below is my outline version – I have a hand-written version in my notebook that gets really specific – and I’ll share the specifics with you as I tick items off the list. By being specific, I mean this: describe and write down what doing the thing that you’ve listed feels like and what it looks like in your mind’s eye. Really create what you achieving that goal looks like in your mind’s eye.

There are lists and there are lists

…and the mindset that you’re in when you’re writing your bucket list will have a huge impact on the chances of you achieving the goals contained within it. Here’s my guide to making it the kind of list you’re going to want to focus on completing:

Bucket List

You could even create a Pinterest Board if you really feel like getting into the planning spirit, goodness knows, I LOVE a Pinterest board.

So here’s my ’40 at 40′ list:

  1. Volunteer
  2. Go vegan for 1 month
  3. Go to sleep beneath the stars
  4. Throw me a 40th birthday day to be proud of – This one I’ve already ticked off, more of that another day!
  5. Become a professional blogger
  6. Go sea-glass hunting
  7. Spend a night in a hotel all by myself
  8. Go on a retreat
  9. Visit the Mindful Living show 
  10. Believe in me
  11. Host a dinner party again
  12. Combat emotional eating
  13. Re-discover my inner-foodie
  14. Spend a week tech-free
  15. Take a trip to the beach solo
  16. Get my engagement ring mended – diamond and ring are currently very much separate.
  17. Make a bold design statement
  18. Write a book
  19. Take a solo trip to the cinema
  20. Take care of a friend’s children for a day
  21. Learn to zero-tech wind down properly before bed.
  22. Reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible
  23. Print family photos to add to our photo wall
  24. Create and share my own recipe
  25. Create and share a tutorial for a craft project
  26. Learn how to use our cameras properly 
  27. Open a savings account
  28. Live here, now
  29. Incorporate a company
  30. Say ‘yes’ more often and stop finding excuses
  31. Craft with my kids
  32. Start walking the Cornish coast path
  33. Write every day
  34. Move every day
  35. Hire a cleaner
  36. Turn my dreams and ideas into real, tangible products
  37. Grow a garden that I love
  38. Finish decorating our bedroom/ensuite
  39. Find my blogging voice and rock it
  40. Become a morning person

So, there we have it. We should both now have a list ready and raring to go. I know where I’m starting, do you?

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