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Welcome! I’m Lou, the face behind the blog.

Hi there, I’m so pleased that you’ve joined The Midlife Fabonista Community. I’m Lou, a nearly 40 something Mum of two boys, and I dream of belonging to an amazing community of supportive 40 something women just like you and me. So, I’ve decided that I am going to make that happen.

The ‘Midlife Fabonista’ Community

In the years between deciding to start a family and sending my youngest to school, I chose to move from respected litigation lawyer to an Etsy shop owning work at home mum, scrabbling to make ends meet, all the time aiming for that magical day when my littlest guy would start full-time education and everything would become easier(I was pretty convinced that having both boys in full-time education was the answer to pretty much everything). A time when I was sure I would get sufficient enough a reprise from mother’s guilt to find my way back into the workplace in a way that would enable me to contribute meaningfully to our family finances.

That pre-school life made me happy. Yes, materially, we had much less than we had been used to and that was stressful, but we’ve, kind of, adjusted to a new, more frugal, way of living. Not only have I been able to satisfy my need to be there for  my children more than my professional life enabled me to, but I have also begun to learn how a simple life can also be a life brim-full of happiness.

On the way, I also discovered that but being an Etsy Shop owner was not for me. Nor was going back to the law. So here I am, a Oxford educated, former lawyer, middle-aged Mum of two, with at least 25 years of my working life ahead of me and my options are limited. In other words, I find myself in the frighteningly confusing world of  ‘What Now?’.

And, you know what else? Like so many mums, I lost sight of who I am somewhere between the night feeds and, the potty training and the tantrums. I’m pretty sure that I’m in good company there.  About a year ago, I found myself desperate to get to know ME all over again and I now have quite an extensive self-help book collection.

What Now?

That’s where The Midlife Fabonista came into being. I created this blog because I know that I’m not alone. That there are many women out there that are craving or actively pursuing getting to know themselves again now that they are no longer all-consumed by raising pre-schoolers.

I know that there are thousands of women out that asking themselves (and Google) ‘What, for me, NOW’.

Whether your what now relates to your working life, home goals or your personal wellbeing, I hear you. I’m right there with you, in fact.

Together we can work it out.

Let’s get this community going

Community is the beginning, middle and end of human interaction. When we were children, communities united in bricks and mortar buildings to work together for the greater good of the wider society. Today, online communities unite groups of like-minded people across the world and they actually make a difference.

So, let’s do it.

Let’s start now. It’s all about making the most of what we have and celebrating wherever we are in life – particularly if you happen to be within screaming distance of the big 40.

I’d love to hear your story. So, send me an e-mail, or head over to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let’s start the conversation.

And what about my what now?

This blog is my ‘a huge part of my what now’ and my hope is that it can inspire you to go out and grab yours too. Let’s get out there and live our best lives right now.

Through this blog, I’m going to help us all begin to answer and to take care of ourselves along the way, guilt free. Something that us mums find hard to do!

And why ‘The Midlife Fabonista’? 

That’s simple, on my 39th birthday, I set the intention of leaving fat behind and becoming ‘Fab’ as I move into midlife and I’m living that intention at this very moment. I’m not just working on the shape and size of the Lou package tho, I’m taking this opportunity to work on the whole shebang. To really connect with who I am. I figure that after nearly 40 years of life on this planet, we should all gift ourselves the privilege of knowing and being who we were always meant to be.

This is a big year for me since, not only will I turn 40 in  April 2018,  but my youngest son started school in September, my husband turned 40 in December and we celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in June. There has been a whole heap of change!


That’s the fab part, but what about the ‘onista’?  Well that’s a play on words – Most blogs catering for this particular time in life are fashion(ista) focussed, not this one!

Whilst I would like to be, I am just not qualified for that (I can imagine some of my friends wry smiles at the thought of me being a fashionista!) – future me might be, but the 39-year-old, work at home Mum of two has a very limited wardrobe mainly composed of E-Bay purchases and the odd pre-baby top that I can still somehow will my body to squeeze into.

Let’s get this community started!


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